👋 My name is
James Bake.

Focus on what matters and make change happen.

Focus on What Matters

Relationships create perspective. Perspective creates change. A different perspective helps you achieve the change you never thought possible.  

To change behaviors and habits. 

You need consistency.

You need the capability. 

A plan on how you’ll get there.

You need to be able to challenge yourself to get to the next level.
You also need someone to help push you so you can get stronger.
Because our best can’t wait. Success isn't measured by the amount of money we make, it's measured by the lives we touch. It's about the connections we create. The authentic relationships with our customers, our teams, with ourselves and with our ideas. It's the one strategy that never changes.

If you bring your positive ideas to the forefront, again and again, you'll raise the bar for everyone else.

I’m an entrepreneur, marketer, leadership development coach, pug dad, and a dot connector dedicated to helping solve bigger problems and make change happen. Because we all can benefit from being at least 1% better than yesterday.

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I love meeting and talking to people who are doing interesting things. Connect with me if you’re working on something you’re passionate about, have a love for personal and leadership development, pugs or yoga, and there’s a way I can help.

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